The J. Appleseed Society

The J. Appleseed Society? What's that about?

J. Appleseed stands for John Appleseed or Jane Appleseed -- the people who plant the seeds, nurture the ground and help community organizations grow. They are the organizers, without whom, so many of the activities we enjoy would no longer exist. 

The J. Appleseed Society is . . . well . . . not much really.  It's an idea, some basic principles and mostly it's a personal vision.

This big idea behind it is:

To create an organization that is dedicated to supporting the organiers of participatory art and cultural activities. 

 There is a real non-profit corporation with a bank account, and there are lots of good intentions (mine) and I do hope that some day, it will be more than it is at the moment.  Meantime, there is a long, and I think interesting, document.  My original proposal.

Most of the ideas are still valid, I think.  It's my hope to keep progressing it, bit by bit, into a real organizaiton that can "make a difference."

If you'd like to know more, visit the J. Appleseed Socity website at