How to Subscribe

To subscribe via the web:

Visit and log in.  If you do not have a Yahoo ID, you will have to create one. It's a sort of a pain in the poop process, but has not proven fatal to anyone, and it gives you easier access and more control over your list settings.

Warning: When you are filling out the information forms, be sure to UNCHECK all the generous offers for more information, newsletters, etc. (a/k/a SPAM) from Yahoo and its advertisers. We are not aware of any instances in which a list member's e-mail address has been compromised by Yahoogroups, but you do need to pay attention to be sure you do not inadvertantly compromise it yourself by not watching carefully for "offers" and so on.

When you are logged into, search for trad-dance-callers and follow the sign-up procedure.  Be sure to include a brief note to the moderators describing yourself and a bit about your dance interests.  We need this to be sure that the subscription is from a real person and not a spam-bot or some other source.

To subscribe via e-mail:

Send an e-mail message from the account you want to subscribe from.  The message should not have any text in either the subject or the body of the message.  Send this "empty" message to:

trad-dance-callers-subscribe [TheAtSign]

ALSO -- to save us time and speed the process, send a brief message describing your dance-related interests to:

trad-dance-callers-owner [TheAtSign]

Why?  As above, to help us be sure we are not accidentally admitting a spam-bot or such to the list.

Having trouble?  Send a message to ridgek [TheAtSign] and we'll sort it out.