A virtual community, built around the trad-dance-callers listserve, that is populated by callers

musicians, organizers, group leaders, dancers and friends of participatory dance 

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The J. Appleseed Society

Dare to Be Square 'Zine'

Square dance calling for beginners: Tips, notes, suggestions, materials for square sessions, dance parties, community dances and more.  Compiled and edited by T-Claw, significant contributions from Bill Martin. Inspirational, educational and lots, lots more.

Click Here for PDF. (250 Kb)

And the Survey Says . . . 

In a recent survey of members of the trad-dance-callers list, we asked a few questions about how the list was working for its members. What did people like?  What did they not like?  What do you tell other members of the dance community about it?

Here's what some of the list members said:

The Best Things about the List

What We Do Not Like about the List

Why Someone Might Want to Subscribe to the List