Lab Experience

I am working with Carlos Perez and Dr. Gogotsi on CDCs(Carbide-Derived-Carbons) to find establish using carbon as capacitors of electricity.  We are using electrodes, which are made from a blow piece of glass with a platinum wire, mercury, and copper wire, to insert different carbons into a cavity and hooking this electrode to Gamry.  The Gamry uses the electrode we are testing and sends current into 3 connecters.  They are the electrode we made, a copper electrode and a silver electrode.  The machine then sends volts through the silver and measures the amount of charge the carbon is taking in, the amount of time it takes, and then the amount of time it takes for it to discharge.  This process is very long, because each type of carbon, depending on what element is is derived from, has different pour size which will effect the capacitors.  The illustration belows shows two different derived carbons and the difference in their structure.  The carbons are extracted using Chlorine gas.    

                                                               Titanium silicocarbide                                                 Lowest Polytype of Silicone Carbide


The data output from the Gamry, in a very ideal situation will look like the picture below.  The closer we can get this graph to a rectangle, the better the capacitor is.