Dana T McKnight is a black, queer, multimedia artist currently residing in Buffalo, NY.  

Blending formal studies in Cultural Anthropology (Long Island University 2005) and Sculpture (Minerva Kunst Akademie, Groningen NL.), her work lies in a plethora of mediums: illustration, speculative fiction, sculpture, installation, experimental sound, performance art, poetry and painting. All of which she readily utilizes interchangeably for projects. At the core of Dana McKnight's work, lies a surreality--- the real world slowly picked apart through a lens tinted by magical realism and lived experience.

Dana McKnight is the co-founder of Dreamland Art Gallery, an alternative art and performance space in Buffalo, NY and a co-Creator for RIQSE (Radical Inclusive Queer Sex Education). She also began Gos Gozah and MOIST--- a series of queer QTPOC-centered dance events in downtown Buffalo.