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        DanaSah is still GPL and in future versions I will make more executable and will publish the source code. This             version has tunned prunning and is perhaps 25 points stronger.

  • DanaSah and DanaSah LimitStrength v.6.5 for Windows, Linux32, Linux64 and Android 
06-02-2017 danasah650.zip 
It includes xboard-uci engine + opening book + 4 men scorpio bitbases + 3 men gaviota tablebases + source code).

  • Add uci protocol.
  • Support for 6 men scorpio bitbases and 5 men gaviota tablebases.
  • DanaSah LimitStrength is the limited strength version and replaces to DanaSahZ.
  • Small improvements in search give about 20-30 Elo points versus version 5.07.
DanaSah consults gaviota tablebases to play a better endgame. Download the content in a folder and you indicates the path in the "danacfg.txt" file if you uses xboard protocol o with the GUI if you uses uci protocol.

You can find 5 men of gaviota tablebases and 6 men of scorpio bitbases here .

You can use only gaviota tablebases or only scorpio bitbases, it is also possible to use both. It is recommended not to use 6 men of scorpio bitbases for games because with them the engine seems to lose about 15 points of Elo.

Some recommended settings for tablebases and bitbases could be in order:

  1. 5 men gaviota tablebases (without bitbases).
  2. 4 men gaviota tablebases and 5 men scorpio bitbases.
  3. 5 men scorpio bitbases (without tablebases).
  4. 4 men gaviota tablebases (without bitbases).
  5. 3 men gaviota tablebases and 4 men scorpio bitbases (included in package).
  6. 4 men scorpio bitbases (without tablebases).
  7. 3 men gaviota tablebases (without bitbases).


  • DanaSah v.4.89 for mac (compiled by Julien Marcel)  14-06-2012 danasah489.zip