Dana Vasatkova Pitchon was born and educated in Czechoslovakia under the communist regime. She was a top model of Czechoslovakia from 1966 - 1979. She became a professional photographer in 1972 and continues to this day. In Czechoslovakia she worked as fashion photographer for the major fashion and life style  magazines. She was Second  Staff Photographer for the premier fashion magazine 'Moda'  from 1972 to 1979.

Dana has been exhibiting her work in Prague, Boston, Tampa, and now the Bay Area for the last 45 years.
Today she is cruising with her husband of 35 years in Bahamas every winter, on their 50' sailboat.

She continues to sell prints and photographic greeting cards.  Her greeting cards are sold in over 50 stores  grocery stores, bookstores throughout the Bay area.

Her most recent prints are done on aluminum using a special process.  This process creates a richness,  intensity, and depth of color that is unmatched in any other printing method.
Please look for specific designs. If you like to purchase something go to SIZES AND PRICES for size and price and material. Order on  or by phone 650 295-0697
We take paypal or personal checks. 
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