Wedding Party

We're lucky to have so many amazing people in our life; if it were feasible, we'd have everyone standing up there with us! However, we had to narrow it down to just a few.

We asked them to write a few words about themselves and us, and here's what they have to say!

The Bridal Party

Co-Maid of Honour - Vanessa Mercier

    Vanessa was introduced to the beautiful bride-to-be in the summer of 2007 through her boyfriend Matt, a dear friend of the bride and groom. She knew the groom from high school, even though he might not have remembered her! (Small world, huh?) Matt, Dan and Brian were roommates shortly thereafter, which brought on “girly solidarity”, and encouraged them to spend more time together. Then, through weekend getaways to the cottage, afternoon tanning sessions in the park, study/tea dates, and a convenient move, (Dan & Danielle now live two floors and one apartment over from Vanessa), the girls became very close friends. They “justify each-other’s crazy” and are always there for one-another – with a smile, cake, wine, or a hug!
    Since the engagement, Vanessa has been enthusiastically involved in helping out with any planning that she can, and is greatly looking forward to the wedding. Completely inspired by their love, she is thrilled to be a part of Dan & Danielle’s “Best Day Ever”!

Co-Maid of Honour - Samantha Hand

    Danielle and Sam met during Danielle's VP social days and Sam's first year at the University of Ottawa. The minute that Sam was greeted by the bride's bubbly personality and feistiness she knew that Danielle was going to be one her greatest friends and an insightful mentor. After years of copious bottles of wine, tears of heartache and happiness, and heartfelt and honest conversations about the future, Sam is now incredibly honored to be part of Danielle's wedding party. Sam can only hope that she will be as blessed to find a man like Dan.

Bridesmaid - Jasmine Hasselback

    Four and some odd years ago, Jasmine Hasselback was not cool. Danielle Lyrette was very cool. Jasmine first saw Danielle as she led a group of somewhat sober young 'uns with such a perfect balance of vigour and vinegar that JFK looked like a failure as a public speaker. There came a time when Jasmine needed to petition the goddess.  Jasmine approached meekly.  To Jasmine's surprise, Ms Danielle Lyrette looked at her with distinct glee and enthusiasm. To say the least, Jasmine was confused.  Jasmine continued to be thoroughly complexed when a friendship blossomed between Jasmine the-uncool and Danielle the-very-cool.  Danielle and Jasmine later went on to wage political war together. The days in those trenches solidified what would become a unbreakable bond.  Jasmine might even go so far as to say she loves her.
As for Dan Dicaire, well... you see he is very tall and Jasmine is  very short.  Nonetheless, Jasmine likes him because he gives very solid hugs.  


Best Man - David Dicaire

    Dave is Dan’s older brother and his Best Man. The amount of stories regarding Dan are much too numerous to count, but here are the basics. Dave was born in April of 1977, while Dan was born a few years later in April of 1985…because of the age difference, Dave spent a significant portion of his teen years teaching his younger brother Dan about valuable life lessons (including how to surrender to bear hugs and how to survive having your head being put through the bedroom wall). Even after all this brotherly love (or abuse some may call it), today Dave and Dan are the best of friends and carry on their antics in a much more mature nature by bonding over hot tub beer sessions and fishing trips.  Dave feels blessed to have Dan as a younger brother and is honored to be part of his special day. 

Groomsman - Brian Lane

Brian has known Dan for a long time… well, not as long as Mitch…Brian was Dan’s first roommate… well, Dave is his brother, so Brian was not his first roommate...
Brian met Dan in engineering, through their involvement in the engineering student society. That is where Brian told Dan he was going to be the next VP Social. Their friendship took off from there where they later became roommates in the glass house.  A couple years later, Brian met Danielle when he was the assistant manager at the campus bar. Danielle learned that Brian was Dan’s roommate, and that made her interested in getting to know Brian better, in an attempt to get closer to Dan… so that she could carry out her mission to marry the tall-lanky man they call Dan Dicaire.
From that day forward Brian and Danielle became close friends through many different occasions: a random pick up in Hull at 3am, drives to school for her practicum, and dinner on many a Sunday night, complete with Dan’s improv games.  It should be known that Brian gave Dan his first ring. Yes, he did… His iron ring!  Now Dan and Danielle will get more important rings…

Groomsman - Michel Foré

  The adventures of Dan and Mitch began in high school.  Dan “Dickie” Dicaire and Mitch “Bébé” Foré shared a unique sense of humour that entertained their school-mates on and off stage.  With impro, pep-rallies or the Bye-Bye, Dan and Mitch proved that they made a creative and hilarious team.  After high school came university and after university came the grown-up world.  Still to this day, Dan and Mitch always take the time to make others (but especially themselves) laugh.  What came out of that great team was an even greater friendship with many days (and nights) spent chatting, laughing and even having the occasional heart to heart