Dan Amiram

Philip H. Geier Associate Professor of Business at Columbia University Graduate School of Business

I am a Professor of Accounting, Business Law and Taxation at Columbia University Graduate School of Business where I teach classes in the MBA and Doctoral programs at Columbia Business School.

My research investigations focus on the effects of frictions created by information asymmetry, taxation and business law on debt and equity markets around the world. I have researched in the areas of debt contracting, international accounting, international taxation, foreign investments, accounting regulation, accounting fraud and financial distressMy research provides evidence that accounting information, taxation and business law play a significant role in investors' decision-making processes and shapes the design of contracts and the financial system. For a more detailed description of my research please see my research page

I received awards for both research and teaching. I am approached regularly as an expert about various issues by corporations, financial institutions and the media (including the WSJ, NYT and Forbes). I served and currently serve on the board of directors of various non for profit organizations, private and publicly traded corporations. I worked as part of the controller’s team for a multinational corporation, and  for PwC as a senior auditor.  

I hold undergraduate degree in accounting and economics, masters in economics from Ben-Gurion University and a PhD in Accounting from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 



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