Welcome to this site, which focuses on 21st century teaching and learning!

In my 25th year of teaching, I continue to  try to ride the wave that carries us into the future -- and to understand the world in which our students do, and will, live. 
Sometimes -- especially at the start of a school year -- it's hard to ride the wave.  Sometimes it feels more like we're being hit by a tidal wave , or at least being tossed around by a riptide or by undertow.  I understand that -- and believe me, I often feel that.
I hope to share here information that will help you "get on your board" and enjoy the ride.  I have great interest in teacher professional development and hope that I can help some of you find inspiration to continue to learn, grow and contribute to the wonderful profession of teaching.
Maintaining Web sites, participating in social networks, and maintaining blogs are ways that I -- and we -- can keep up-to-date with the potential that the world presents to us today.  That includes the potential to speak to anyone in the world via writing (and/or audio, video, images . . .).  Global voice allows any and all of us to participate in world-wide conversations; it allows any one of us to impact the world. 
I am a teacher of reading, writing, thinking, listening, speaking, and viewing.  In other words, I am an English teacher.  I am also interested across disciplines.  I wonder how we can all must -- and perhaps must become -- more multi-disciplinary-minded. 
As hard as it is to change what we teach and how we teach, we must do so.  I believe it's our responsibility to prepare students for the world they will inherit, a world very different from that of 20 or 10 years ago. On this site I'll share some information about teaching and learning in and for the 21st century.
Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you find some ideas here that will interest and inspire you.
- Dana
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