Dana Mission Support Team


The Dana Mission Support Team recently provided support and planning to the Local Re-Use Authority (LRA) for the Umatilla Chemical Depot Redevelopment Plan and Implementation Strategy.  We supported the LRA and the community in determining the best path forward for the land at the Umatilla Chemical Depot once the base closes. 

News reports for this project are noted below.



  A tip of the hat


•  LRA inks plan into history


   Federal agents look forward to managing Umatilla Depot land as wildlife refuge


   Depot plans taking shape


   Contamination at Umatilla clouds land-use issue


   Depot Captures Attention of Farmers, Businesses


   LRA Brainstorms Viable Options for Depot


   Businesses to tour Depot to see available property


   Plans being made for chemical depot's future


   Kennewick Engineering Firm Selected For Depot Land Planning