Values Mapping™

"A roadmap to success through recommended

improvements and identification of alternatives."

Dana Engineering uses the Values Mapping™ process to help companies gather and align their staff members’ attitudes and beliefs about how to achieve organizational success.  Businesses face many challenges that must be understood to be managed and Values Mapping™ is a useful facilitation technique that helps you clarify and define people’s perceptions, values and expectations.  


Values Mapping™ beneficial uses:

  • Determining what is important to your Customer
  • Focusing on communication issues (ex: Operators won’t talk to Engineers)
  • Characterizing commitment, safety culture, alignment between staff and goals
  • Building team work and ownership
  • Helping to plan and implement a complex project
  • Leading performance measures (staff attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions)
  • Resolving conflict
  • Clarifying values, attitudes and beliefs
  • Procurement source selection criteria, Strategic Planning, etc.


Values Mapping™ has been used for:

  • Managing Project Risk
  • Conflict Resolution between Dept of Energy and Contractor
  • Ukrainian Nuclear Industry - Lessons Learned Program
  • Managing Acquisition Risk
  • Conducting Self-assessment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Waste Management Services Planning
  • City Property Planning Use
  • Improving Integrated Safety Management