Startup and Testing

Startup and Testing (Commissioning) is a critical part of the overall process of taking a project from construction and installation through to full operation.


Dana Engineering has the experience and depth of knowledge to support customers in the areas startup and testing. Startup and testing personnel are proficient in all areas of startup, commissioning, operating, maintaining and testing of power generation equipment. A single individual or an entire startup team and/or testing team can be assigned to meet any of the following needs.


  • Manage the startup effort, ensuring compliance with the associated specifications and contracts to ensure an efficient and timely turnover to the owner.
  • Manage the process of construction turnover to startup, startup turnover to operations and final turnover to the owner.
  • Coordinate activities affecting and involving startup.
  • Implement a coordinated operations control program ensuring good communication and smooth execution of operational activities.
  • Develop and maintain a detailed startup schedule and a detailed set of startup packages to track startup completion and progress.
  • Perform advanced planning, preparation and implementation of startup activities and major milestones.
  • Develop clear startup procedures to coordinate the startup effort.
  • Create and implement controls processes for spares, consumables, outstanding work, and material deliveries.
  • Establish and implement a program of operations planning, communications and control in order to support the startup effort.
  • Assess the capabilities of the operations staff and address any weak areas as allowed under the contract.