Program Assessments

Technical Program Assessments  •  Engineering Program Assessments

Program Assessment is a systematic approach to measure the success of a program.  Business environments today are under higher levels of accountability and the ever the increasing scrutiny of the community, shareholders, and government.  Companies are seeking greater levels of confidence in a project’s ability to deliver and to be effective.


Dana Engineering’s Program Assessments provide an independent review to the stakeholders giving them the reassurance that sufficient management systems are in place to monitor, manage and deliver outlined business objectives. 


Program Assessments are used for:
  • Performing independent reviews and assessments for program performance,
  • Ensuring implementation of robust risk management to address potential problems before they occur.
Program Assessments also:
  • Perform an independent technical assessment of the systems engineering, quality assurance, lessons learned, technologies, production, and programmatic practices (cost, schedule, performance, quality, risk),
  • Systematically perform independent assessments for overall mission-assured success,
  • Monitor and measure a system safety program/process to determine its effectiveness,
  • Monitor and measure QA to assure implementation and determine effectiveness; and
  • Assures a supplier quality assurance system, practice, or process is defined and implemented.