Independent Professional Engineer Certifications

Dana Engineering has provided Independent Qualified Registered Professional Engineers (IQRPE) for a variety of contracts with the Department of Energy, Department of Defense, the U.S. EPA, and the States of Washington, Oregon and Arkansas.  Each of these governmental entities requires that for Federal Resource and Recovery Act (RCRA) projects that an independent Registered Professional Engineer certifies that the facility or system has been constructed in accordance with the approved permit.  IQRPE certifications may be either design certifications or construction certifications.  Component, System and integrated facility certifications have been successfully implemented by Dana Engineering to verify integrity all the way from specific weld quality to operational readiness of an entire facility.  Our product is comprehensive, based on approved management and work plans, an approved quality assurance plan and specific implementation procedures. Dana Engineering currently holds the IQPRE contract for the U.S. - D.O.E. Hanford Tank farms, providing engineering inspections and assessments in accordance with the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) and WA Dept. of Ecology guidelines.


Design Certifications:  Dana Engineering performs IQRPE multi-discipline design certifications starting with reviews of the project scope of work including review of Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID’s), flow diagrams, layouts, specifications and calculations.  Our engineers coordinate other discipline and subcontractor reviews.  We prepare and issued IQRPE certification assessment reports for the Customer and the State or Federal entity per the specific administrative code requirements.  For example, certifications may be in accordance with the State of Washington, Dept of Ecology WAC 173‑303-640, WAC 173‑303-630, and WAC 173‑303-810 (13)(a) requirements.  Similar requirements exist for other States and the Federal Government including EPA.


Construction Certifications:  Each RCRA facility is not allowed to operate until construction certifications have been made.  Certifications are made for both individual systems and the integration of groups of systems which are permitted under RCRA.  Typically certification involves physical walkdowns throughout the entire duration of construction, validation of specification and drawing requirements to as-constructed field conditions, validation of design and field changes, management of inspectors, clerical and professional engineers, establishment of filing and comprehensive data base tracking systems software.


Complex Hazardous Waste Facilities Certifications:  Dana Engineering is especially experienced in the certification of hazardous waste facilities.  Dana Engineering provided IQRPE services for the U.S. Army Chemical Demilitarization Facilities including certification of all process systems – Incinerators, HVAC, air pollution abatement, agent collection, processing equipment, brine reduction, spent decontamination, fire protection, tanks, air and water, cooling and pumping systems, electrical, mechanical, and chemical systems; and others systems, components and modifications required to be independently certified under a RCRA hazardous waste facility permits.