Base Closure (BRAC)

Defense Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) is a process of the United States federal government directed at the administration and operation of the Armed Forces, used by the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and Congress to close excess military installations and realign the total asset inventory in order to save money on operations and maintenance.

The BRAC process was developed in an attempt to achieve the government's goal of closing and realigning military installations despite the political challenges which often arise when facilities face reduction or elimination. Because a military base can bring millions of dollars in federal money to its surrounding area each year, challenges raised by members of Congress from affected districts make such initiatives very difficult. Congress created the BRAC process in 1988 as a politically palatable method to pursue such needed goals.

Dana Engineering, Inc. is a single source for architecture, engineering, planning and surveying in support of BRAC initiatives. DEI not only offers services in all the professional disciplines you may need; but we also integrate these services, providing you with a broad perspective and problem-solving capabilities rarely matched by other firms. Our integrated, multi-disciplinary structure helps to reduce risk and cost and streamline communications. 


For more than eighteen years, Dana Engineering, Inc. has proudly served a diverse range of private and public sector clients throughout the United States - always putting our clients first, always focusing on quality. From our branch office in Umatilla, Oregon, DEI has supported the Local Reuse Authority (LRA) with BRAC initiatives at the Umatilla Chemical Depot (UMCD).  We assisted the LRA and the community in determining the best path forward for the land at the Umatilla Chemical Depot once the base closes.  Support includes:

  • A full range of services: architecture, engineering, planning, surveying
  • In-depth collaborative solutions
  • Integrated quality control
  • Experience-based excellence
  • Exceptional client service
  • A commitment to the community in which we work  

For more information on the progress we are making at the UMCD, visit our News page to view published articles.  


Dana Engineering has led the "Dana Mission Support Team's" redevelopment planning efforts for the Umatilla Chemical Depot, encompassing nearly 20,000 acres.  The team consisted of experts in engineering, environmental analysis, and social and economic development planning.