Accident Investigation

Root cause analysis helps managers and staff to fully understand and prevent recurrence of serious accidents.  When things go wrong, management needs:


      •  Rapid response
  •  Reliable analysis
  •  Independent advice
  •  Action


Dana Engineering provides special expertise in Root Cause Analysis of industrial accidents and incidents.  The diverse Dana Engineering staff have years of experience in every aspect of industrial support including operations, maintenance, management, safety, procurement, testing, inspection and engineering.  These seasoned individuals have more than 20 years of experience.  They understand the working environments of high risk industries and can apply their experience to help you. 


Root cause analysis uses multiple tools, including change analysis, barrier analysis, events and causal factors charting, human performance analysis, system modeling.  You need to know why the event occurred.  We will help you understand how and why your systems that were intended to prevent accidents have failed to achieve the desired results.  Thorough understanding of how the event occurred will enable you to take appropriate action to better manage these risks in the future.