Independent Services

Dana Engineering provides a variety of professional technical and engineering services supporting management of high-risk environments such as the nuclear industry, chemical demilitarization and hazardous waste management.  In addition, we focus on public decision processes such as land reuse and planning.  We specialize in the following areas:

  • Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC) administration and planning in support of the Local Re-use Authority (LRA)
  • Plant Start-up, commissioning, operational readiness and Independent Qualified Registered Professional Engineer (IQRPE) activities
  • Management analysis/assessments including strategic planning, organizational and functional assessments, corrective action and root cause analysis, ES&H, and Values Mapping™ (a tool to gather and align staff members’ attitudes and beliefs about how to achieve organizational success)


Dana Engineering personnel have proven management expertise and experience in maintenance, engineering, quality assurance, training, chemistry, corrective action, independent oversight, operation and construction at both nuclear and non-nuclear facilities.  Recent Dana Engineering customers include Pacific Northwest National Laboratories, Washington State Department of Ecology, and the Umatilla, Oregon Local Re-use Authority (LRA).  The LRA is comprised of the LRA Counties and Ports, the Confederated Tribe, and the State.


The Dana Engineering management approach includes teaming with large companies to pursue common strategic business opportunities. 



Engineering and Technical Services


Our services include: 

  • Base Realignment and Closure administration, engineering, technical studies, and planning
  • Values Mapping™ (a facilitated process to resolve complex political, technical, and management issues) 
  • Startup / Commissioning of Commercial and Nuclear Systems
  • Nuclear training development, implementation, and evaluation 
  • Technical management assistance 
  • Root Cause Analysis and Accident Investigation 
  • National Laboratory Technical Program Management Assessments
  • DOE 425.1 Readiness Program Assessment
  • Certified Inspections (Industrial, Commercial, Nuclear)
  • Chemical Weapons Facilities Surety and Security Readiness
  • Crane Inspection & Testing (Bridge & Gantry)
  • Decontamination and Decommissioning (D&D) Engineering
  • Field Assessments & Testing
  • HVAC Systems design, construction, operations
  • Operational Readiness Reviews (DOD, DOE)
  • Plant Systems Engineering (Nuclear & Hazardous Waste)
  • Power Plants Engineering
  • Professional Engineer (P.E.) Independent Facilities Construction Certification (IQRPE or FCC)
  • Leadership Training
  • Quality Control
  • Safety Program Management
  • Startup / Commissioning of Complex Facilities
  • Technical Program & Procedures Development