Washington Demilitarization Company

Operational Readiness (ORR)
Chemical Surety Readiness (SRR)
Facilities Construction Certification (FCC / IQRPE) 

Umatilla Chemical Agent Disposal Facility,
Operational Readiness Review (ORR) Consultant
Umatilla Chemical Demilitarization Facility, Umatilla, Oregon

Performed the following activities as the Independent Operational Readiness Review (ORR) and Chemical Surety Readiness Assessments (RA) Consultant:
  • Developed written plans of action and performance criteria to assess and confirm the readiness of the Support Contractor (SC) to conduct key operational activities;
  • Established performance objectives and criteria to assess and confirm that equipment, personnel and administrative programs have achieved the required state of readiness;
  • Reviewed specific functional areas and determined compliance to defined criteria.  Evaluated responsible field manager’s documented response and degree of compliance with criteria by records review, interviews, walkdowns and field observations;
  • Documented the basis for conclusions reached as a result of the functional area reviews on Criteria, Review and Approach Documentation (CRADS).
  • Evaluated areas selected for additional review by comparing performance objectives and criteria requirements against field conditions.
  • Developed Findings, including categories for each finding, which identify open issues while working with responsible managers during independent ORR reviews.
  • Presented CRADS and Findings to the ORR Board.
  • Provided two senior independent ORR Consultants as voting members on the ORR Board, which also includes other members from PMSCD and SC managers.
  • Developed project management tools for the SC ORR Project Manager;
  • Provided the ORR Records Management Specialist to maintain oversight documentation;
  • Developed Integrated Operational Demonstration procedures (IOD’s) to assess overall plant response to critical plant operations evolutions for both normal and emergency scenarios. The IOD’s were successfully executed by the ORR Consultant in support of agent operations.

Pine Bluff Chemical Demilitarization Facility
Professional Engineering Facility Construction Certification
Pine Bluff, Arkansas
DEI (50% joint venture) managed the FCC contract for Demilitarization Certification Consultants (JV), coordinated multiple subcontractors, ISO 9000 QA program, which included inspectors, registered professional engineers and support staff.
This 5 year contract provided professional engineer construction certification monitoring, surveillance and final acceptance certification to construct a state of the art incineration facility for the disposal of chemical agent stockpiled at the US Army Pine Bluff Arsenal.
Services cover all process systems –Incinerators, HVAC, air pollution abatement, agent collection, processing equipment, brine reduction, spent decon system, and others required to be independently certified under a RCRA hazardous waste facility permit issued by the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality.
Acceptance certification of other non-RCRA systems required by the US Army was also provided.

Umatilla Chemical Agent Disposal Facility
Quality Control Engineering
Umatilla Chemical Demilitarization Facility, Umatilla, Oregon

Dana Engineering, Inc. provided:
  • Senior Quality Control Engineering staff to initiate, review and approve sub-vendor construction assembly and test procedures, and purchase requests;
  • Develop, review and revise quality procedures;
  • Approve nonconformance reports resolutions;
  • Perform system and area walk-downs for construction turnover activities;
  • Inspect and approve work performed to close punch-list and construction open items and perform safety walk-downs;
  • Perform surveillance and monitor sub-contractor work processes, procedures and documentation;
  • Evaluate vendor processes and coordinate resolution to vendor process problems that impact construction;
  • Ensure compliance with applicable industry and site standards, purchase orders, safety and licensing requirements;
  • Initiate non-conformance reports and request for information against Contractor and Government Furnished Equipment;
  • Inspect and accept electrical work performed by Washington Group electricians; and
  • Review and approve initial and completed site Transition Team work-plans.

Umatilla Chemical Agent Disposal Facility
Facility Construction Certification
Umatilla Chemical Demilitarization Facility, Umatilla, Oregon
Developed of the Facility Construction Certification technical procedure as mandated by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ).  The program was designed to provide professional engineering certification of each critical system to ensure that the construction was performed in accordance with all design specifications and drawings requirements.
Dana Engineering, Inc. was assigned specific responsibility for State of Oregon Professional Engineering certification of HVAC systems. All certification reports were delivered on schedule, and reports were fully accepted by the ODEQ without any changes.