Decontamination, Decommissioning, and Dismantlement


Cranes Design Authority - Crane Upgrades for systems, structures and components dismantlement

Plutonium Finishing Plant (PFP), Plutonium Recovery Facility (PRF)

Hanford, Washington


Acted as the Design Authority at this nuclear contaminated facility, performing various overhead crane services, including:

  • Assessment of the current condition of the crane mechanical and controls components
  • Determination of components likely to fail
  • Assessing and purchasing spare parts
  • Development and activating maintenance procedures
  • Test plan development
  • Repair plan development
  • Providing lead input to work packages for crane testing
  • Determination of crane enhancements

Engineering Program Assessment  •  IQRPE Independent P.E.


Independent Qualified Registered Professional Engineer (IQRPE)

222-S Laboratory

Hanford, Washington


Provided inspections and document reviews for a Hot Cell Piping Replacement in accordance with WAC-173-303-640 (Tank Systems), Ecology Publication 94-114 (Guidance- Tank Systems) and 95-420 (Guidance- Dangerous Waste Secondary Containment Systems).  A comprehensive integrity assessment report was provided to describe activities and inspections which were performed during repair and replacement.  An integrity assessment report was authored and certified by the DEI Professional Engineer in accordance with WAC 173-303-810(13)(a) for submittal to the Washington State Department of Ecology.


Hanford Single Shell Tank Farm Closure

Independent Assessment

Hanford, WA


Dana Engineering performed an Independent Assessment of the CH2M Hanford, Inc. Engineering program and procedures for single shell tank farm environmental closures.  The assessment focused on engineering design changes and field execution work packages. Assessment activities were based on objectives and criteria derived from QA Plan requirements and implementing procedures. The assessment evaluated documentation and procedural compliance, supported by personnel interviews at all levels, review of work packages, and field walkdowns.  Results were documented in a prepared assessment report.



Demonstration Bulk Vitrification System,

Independent Qualified Registered Professional Engineer (IQRPE)

Hanford, WA


Performed Independent Qualified Registered Professional Engineer (IQRPE) multidiscipline design reviews on Demonstration Bulk Vitrification Project (DBVP), including review of P&ID’s, flow diagrams, layouts, specifications and calculations. Coordinated other discipline and subcontractor reviews. Prepared and issued IQRPE reports to the DOE customer (CH2M Hanford) in compliance with Washington State WAC requirements.