Bechtel National Inc.

Architect-Engineering Services 

River Protection Waste Treatment Plant
Richland, WA

During the design phases of the nuclear Waste Treatment & Immobilization Plant, Dana engineers, architects, designers, and professional engineers provided technical solutions to solve complex plant problems.  The plant was designed to vitrify high-level radioactive waste into a solid glass waste.  


Tasks included regular design and constructability reviews and assessments; detailed calculations, programming, data base manipulation; computer drafting of design drawings and preparation of specifications.

Hanford Waste Treatment Plant (WTP)

Richland, WA

DEI represented American Crane & Equipment Corporation, providing Professional Engineer technical support in the marketing of the CMAA74 Cranes to Bechtel.  DEI presented technical concepts to Bechtel engineering staff regarding ASME NOG-1 nuclear cranes valued in the seven figures.