Electrical Evaluation Services


Federal Regional Center, Bothell, WA

DEI provided all labor, parts and materials, prepared design drawings and as-built drawings required by local/federal codes and electrical evaluation. Key Personnel performed a complete electrical evaluation of the actual wiring that exists in the building.  In particular the motor control centers and main distribution panels were inspected and as-built drawings prepared to ensure that the connections are good and that there are no “hot spots” on the bus bars or breakers. Our licensed Master Electrician performed a full walk-down of the facility to furnish a complete wiring survey to meet NEC code on 420V and 280V systems. Information gained was also used for an Arc Flash and short circuit calculation by the DEI Electrical Professional Engineer, and Arc-Flash labels were then applied to equipment.  A High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) study was also conducted to identify specific vulnerabilities and recommend hardening improvements to mitigate the risk of an electromagnetic pulse attack.   The Arc Flash analysis met the newer requirements from NFPA 70E and standards from IEEE 1584.