About Dana Engineering

Dana Engineering, Inc. is a Professional Service Corporation founded in the State of Washington in 1992.  The corporation provides professional engineering and technical specialist services across the United States. Dana Engineering provides a variety of professional technical and Architect/Engineering (A/E) services.  Our multi-discipline professional engineering team executes conceptual and detailed designs and field inspections for a variety of facilities, utilities and infrastructure.  Engineering disciplines include mechanical, electrical, civil, structural, architectural and control systems.  Dana Engineering also provides startup and commissioning services.

Dana Engineering specializes in managed task architect/engineer services for complex utility designs.  Our registered professional engineers and designers have recently completed more than 30 scopes of work that n  require highly complex engineering solutions.  These designs included gas distribution systems; roads; pipelines; fall protection compliance; roof inspections; military telecommunications planning; metering; power distribution and UPS electrical systems; remote automatic valves and controls; tanks; and PLC system controls for water plant operations.  Dana Engineering's core competencies include A/E design, independent assessments and oversight, IQRPE certifications with formal verification inspections, plant systems engineering, operations and construction support, operational readiness reviews, maintenance programs, quality assurance, raining, adn corrective action assessments.

Enforced Corporate Principles include:


Customer Service

  • Produce the Highest Quality product
  • Maintain Customer satisfaction.
  • Follow procedures and policies.
  • Meet or beat the Schedule and Budget.
  • Work with the Client; don’t work against him.
  • Focus on end point deliverables.


  • Maintain the Highest Ethical Standards.
  • Maintain the highest professional image (actions, presentations, dress, appearance, communications and accuracy).
  • Avoid time wasting activities while on the job.


  • Meet or exceed work hour requirements.
  • Attack problems with urgency and thoroughness.
  • Maintain a “can do” attitude.
  • Be a self-starter.
  • Build on positive working relationships with your coworkers and management.
  • Attack problems with urgency and thoroughness.