Here's what our customers are saying...


"Your comments on the Commissioning Plan were extremely helpful and have been incorporated in what is about to be the final approved version.  Again thanks for your help and support and hopefully we will be able to get you engaged again in the future.”

Operational Readiness Manager

Oak Ridge Facility

Oak Ridge, Tennessee




“I wanted to recognize the outstanding support that Dana Engineering provided during our recent Operational Readiness Review for the initial startup of our facility.  As you know, the scope of our recent ORR itself was extremely challenging, especially when considering the regulatory environment that we are in, the number of stakeholders that are involved and the fact that this was basically a new process and approach to startup under DOD.  The knowledge that you brought to the process, both personally and through the additional support team that your company assembled, was truly impressive.  The breadth of experience provided by the Dana Engineering team was clear and often times critical to our teams ability to recognize, understand and ultimately resolve many of the issues, concerns and questions that presented themselves during this process.  I strongly believe that the support your team provided from the beginning with initial assistance developing our ORR process and continuing with your participation on the board, coordination of the Integrated Operations Demonstrations etc. was a key factor in our ability to successfully complete the ORR.


It was a pleasure to work with you and your staff over the past year and I look forward to the opportunity to team up again.  You and your team should be proud of a job well done and share in the success that we achieved.”

Operations Support Manager

Umatilla Chemical Disposal Facility

Umatilla, Oregon



“. . .thanks to your team for the hard work and great effort provided in the facility construction certification (FCC) of our new plant.  This was a long term effort and the focus of the team was always very supportive of meeting our schedule requests and providing a quality product.  Thanks to the in-depth reviews, surveillances, and walk downs I feel we avoided many potential delays in getting the facility ready for operations.  We should also be very proud of the fact that we performed interim certifications on almost twice as many systems as the other similar facilities certified in preparation for the final facility certification.


It was a pleasure to work with you and the on-site staff during this effort.  I look forward to possibly working with you in the future when the need for additional certifications arises.”

System Contractor Technical Representative

Washington Demilitarization Company

Pine Bluff, Arkansas



“I have had the privilege of working with Bill Dana and Dana Engineering whom I hired to perform Operational Readiness Reviews for me.  I found that Bill was very flexible and customer oriented with a strong “Can do” attitude.  His billing and charging was fair and accurate and his integrity was beyond reproach.


The quality and timeliness of deliverable was “on target” and his personnel involvement to ensure the “customer” was satisfied was very good.


I would recommend Dana Engineering to help you in Engineering and/or System Readiness activities. Bill’s strong work ethic and commitment to a quality product resulted in immediate replacement of personnel not meeting his high standards.


The value for what Bill brings to the table is well worth his price.”

Project Manager

Washington Demilitarization Company

Umatilla, Oregon



"I received your invoice for the U.S. Army Umatilla Depot Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures/Installation Spill Contingency review scope today and promptly submitted it for payment.  Thank you for your excellent work and flexibility.  If we need additional PE capabilities, I will certainly contact you again.”

Project Manager

Los Alamos Technical Associates

Golden, Colorado