Operational Readiness

An Operational Readiness Review (ORR) is a review of a facility that is performed when a new facility is started up or an existing facility is restarted after an extend shutdown for modifications, repairs, or other reasons.


Dana Engineering verifies that the facilities being started up or restarted:

  • Were constructed in accordance with the approved design
  • Can be operated safely and efficiently
  • Can be operated, maintained, and supported by trained and competent personnel;
  • Can be operated in conformance with applicable standards and regulatory requirements;
  • Can be operated so that no undue risk to employees, the public, the environment, the stockholders, or the corporation results;
  • That all of the above activities are noted formally and adequately documented.


Dana Engineering verifies that necessary approved requirements documentation is in place and that procedures, personnel, equipment, and systems support the approved requirements.  It provides the verification process that management needs to be assured that the facility is ready to operate.



When ORR is performed for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the process is conducted in accordance with DOE Order 425.1 (5480.31).  The process ensures that the facility is operationally ready by also ensuring that:  1. Plant equipment and hardware are ready; 2. Personnel are ready; and 3. Procedures and Documentation are ready.  Relationships between the plant, people, and procedures are verified.  A thorough line management startup plan is developed which achieves the following:  1. Reflects activity to achieve readiness; 2. Identifies dependencies and durations;  3. Ensures there is adequate detail to track status; and 4. Establishes the boundaries of the readiness review.  The proposed type of readiness review is established for each new start and restart of the facility which includes the ORR, Readiness Assessments, and contractor procedures.  An ultimate startup approval authority is established.


Dana Engineering establishes a Plan of Action (POA) for the breadth (all core requirements), depth (graded approach), and boundaries of the facility, process, personnel and procedures.  The graded approach is a process by which, the level of analysis, documentation and actions necessary to comply with a requirement of DOE Order 425.1 are commensurate with the importance to safety, the magnitude of the hazard involved and several other relevant factors.


The ORR process includes Management Self Assessments (MSA) to verify readiness, which under the guidance of Dana Engineering, ensures thorough, comprehensive and candid MSA’s which lead to a successful ORR.


Dana Engineering verifies that necessary approved “requirements documentation” are in place, and that procedures, personnel, equipment, and systems support the approved requirements.  This provides the verification process that management needs to be assured that the facility is ready to operate.


DoD ORR: Dana Engineering has developed a streamlined Operational Readiness Review approach for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) which has been successfully used at the Umatilla Chemical Disposal Facility in Oregon.  This streamlined approach was presented to the DOE ORR Working Group Meeting, January, 2007.  This approach literally saved the DoD ($ Millions of dollars) and saved many months on the startup schedule compared to the traditional DOE approach.  A summary of the major differences between the streamlined approach and the traditional approach include the following:

  • The DoD ORR is a Continuous Process
  • A DoD. Contractor “Quality” ORR is not complete until it is right
  • There is no redundant DoD ORR but oversight ensures that a single process is highly effective
  • Readiness Manager reports to the Plant Manager who is ultimately responsible for ORR success
  • ORR Board is firmly in control of the processes
  • Readiness Assessment Checklists (RACK) are utilized for low-risk systems
  • Strong emphasis on department managers personal accountability
  • DoD ORR is “Big Picture” plus: RA’s are done on “Systems”
  • Affidavit criteria is targeted to the Facility
  • Phased mini-ORR’s follow facility organizational maturity for changes in campaigns