DOE National Labs

Technical Programs Assessments


DOE National Laboratory Operations Readiness Review Model Gap Analysis Assessment

Dana Engineering developed and implemented a comprehensive Readiness Assessment Plan to determine if a Laboratory’s current facilities operations model provides the requirements and processes to ensure that they will successfully complete DOE 425.1 readiness activities.


Values Mapping of a DOE National Laboratory

Waste Management Program

Dana Engineering facilitated a Values Mapping™ approach to resolve differences between a government laboratory and the U.S. Department of Energy concerning the desired capabilities of the Waste Management Program.


DOE National Laboratory

Project Risk Program

Dana Engineering provided senior experienced technical facilitators to gather requirements and expectations for a re-design of a Risk Program.  The objective was to completely rethink and redesign how project risks are identified and managed.


DOE National Laboratory

Procedure Content and Hazard Recognition Assessment

Dana Engineering conducted an evaluation to determine if issues of Procedure Content and Use, and Hazard Recognition are adequate.  The effectiveness review included identification of causes and recommendations for corrective actions.  The tasks involved the following: Provided a draft assessment plan for laboratory review and comment; Conducted an exit briefing to management at the conclusion of the on-site assessment activities; Responded to comments and provided a final written report.


DOE National Laboratory Management Systems Value Mapping

Acquisition Management Systems Process Definition

Dana Engineering developed a comprehensive process definition of the functions that are implemented by the Acquisition Management System involving identified non-compliances with requirements of 10 CFR 851 and 10 CFR 830.122.  This consisted of:


  • Performing Values Mapping™ to identify the needs of the users, stakeholders, subject matter experts, and Acquisitions Staff
  • Performing a regulatory analysis to identify and make sure that the applicable requirements are implemented in the process 
  • Developing a detailed process flow of the Acquisition Management System processes that describes the functions and interfaces with other management systems
  • Identifying organizational procedures, tools and responsible staff
  • Identifying gaps in implementing processes and/or interfaces with other management systems