Dana Claire spent over 20 years cultivating her passion for helping those who struggle with basic health decisions. Beginning with her long career in corporate America, she became highly skilled in a broad spectrum of business arms: finance, marketing, business development and management. However, during that long span she observed that her colleagues were over weight, in pain, absent, tired, buried in debt and generally unhappy and didn't seem to be doing much about it...and she was quickly becoming one of them.  
Dana Claire has been her father's caregiver since the passing of her mother in 2003. Born in 1927; diagnosed with Alzheimer's in January of 2013. It was predicted that in just one year's time he wouldn't even be able to recognize his own daughter. Over the next several months on medication, he was slowly declining.

Eleven months later, Dana Claire put her elderly father on a special strict diet (one that he naturally loved!) and he not only could still recognize his own daughter, but he had shown significant improvement in the areas of memory, speech control and activity. He reads and writes and most importantly, remembers. 

Dana Claire considers herself a life-long student of nutrition. Her quest for knowledge of nutrition began in 2008 and intensified by the current healthcare crisis. She strongly believes that the current medical paradigm doesn't work; it focus on symptoms not causes and seems to be primarily "sales-based."

Our species has become the sickest and most disease-ridden on this planet. We are the only species that choose to consume foods disharmonious to its natural algorithms. We have lost our intuitiveness; we consume what society teaches us to eat and money is the motivating factor. Food products are sold for financial gain at the expense of personal health. [paraphrasing Dr. Robert Morse]

Dana Claire believes that knowledge is the only key to creating new habits that pave the way to achieving and sustaining optimum health. Together we can make a organic whole foods, plant-based diet the new "normal."

  • Cognitive Dysfunction
  • Weight loss
  • Addiction
  • Depression
  • Sleep Problems
     Also includes: 
  • Education
  • Lifestyle Assessment
  • Market trips
  • Food prep
  • Restaurant Choices
  • Nutrition for Alzheimer's

Yoga Instruction: 

  • Health Clubs
  • Studios
  • Private Sessions
  • Corporate Crowds

Make an Apt.

Consult no charge. Then $100/hr
Phone or in-person appointments.
Generally takes four sessions over a period of six weeks. 
Package rate $500 - six sessions over 12 weeks.

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Yoga Engagements

Standing Classes (Irvine, CA):
  1. Mondays @ 8:00PM - 1HR - LA Fitness Michelson Dr (Signature) RESTORATIVE poses last 20min. 
  2. Fridays @ 12:00PM - 45MIN - LA Fitness Michelson Dr (Signature Club) balancing, spinal strengthening, stretching & relaxing


Classes cancelled on Nat'l holidays.
Temporary Classes: 
  1. none pending

Four (4) Discussion Groups. Become a member! It's FREE.

Alzheimer's Solution Room 
A free-flowing platform for those interested in new modalities of preventing, intercepting the progression or healing the nation's #6 cause of death.

Naturally Healing 
(Co-Administrator) ~26,000+ Members!
Healing without the use of synthetic drugs or supplements, using safe detoxification and food-based methods.

Alkalizing Fan Club 
(Co-Administrator) ~4,500+ Members! 
Thousands of members from all over the world share knowledge on building & maintaining wellness by making better choices in foods and lifestyle.

Yogis & Yoginis (Y&Y) 
(Founder) ~200+ members and growing! 
A community of those who love the practice of yoga, or simply take interest in Yogic philosophy.
CWAY: Conversations with a Yogi - Masters & Students' Series
Sponsored by Y&Y: 
An Orange County, CA event:  A regular, periodic gathering of practitioners and wanna-be's that includes a 30 minute interview with a seasoned teacher/practitioner with over 25+ years of combined experience, or a "student" with a compelling story. 
Q&A by audience and a sampling of their yoga style included for one low entrance price. 
Refreshments, YouTube videographer and Press often in attendance. 
Great way to intimately know the esteemed who seem to have developed an iron-clad inner peace that most of us only dream about.