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GLSL Shaders

I am interested in learning how to write shaders using the Irrlicht 3d engine. The first shader I have looked at is a water shader. I have made a good start and the shader currently uses perlin noise to apply 3 procedural textures at different scales that animate with time. Next steps for this shader will be reflections. The other shaders I am interested in are a sky shader and a terrain shader. I will put up the source for these shaders (maybe as a tutorial) when I have finished tweaking them - if you want the source before then just contact me.

Also note - I am building this shader as a learning exercise, there is already a good water shader made by elvman available in the irrlicht forums here:

Ocean Shader


I made good progress with this and turned it into a playable demo. You can ride a bike around the island - see the bottom of this page.

Early Screenshot


Video of Shader

Now my shader looks like this: (added transparency, reflections, and specular components).

GLSL Water Shader

More Updates!

Now you can actually play it:

Damyon Wiese,
Apr 18, 2011, 8:41 AM