Mitigation Solutions

There are measures that can be put in place in existing dams and future developments that the IOWP strongly believe should become an international legal guideline to mitigate dams impacts on fish.

  •       Upstream fish passage facilities
  •       Pool-type fish passes
  •       Denil fish passes
  •       Nature-like bypass channels
  •       Fish locks
  •       Fish lifts
  •       Navigation locks
  •       Collection and transportation facilities
  •       Fish passes for catadromous species

Below you will find a number of diagrams presenting different mitigation infrastructure dams can use to mitigate it's direct impact on fish populations;

The 7 main types of dam fish passes:

Generalised diagram and the ways fish may navigate through a dam system:

Other installations require a constant input of energy and human effort and are therefore not sustainable and the IOWP does not support them, they are as follow:

The Fish Transport pipe a relatively new initiative - simply vacuuming the fish from reservoir to downstream: