Life and Times of "The Park"

Basically patting ourselves on the back.  Don't mind us.

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We know what you are thinking: "What on earth is this all about? I already read Damon's Wacky Thoughts Blog, and I catch Jed's occasional post whenever possible, so what can this page be all about?!"

Well, friends, we're not entirely sure ourselves.  Our first thought was to make it a little site that gave stories and funny things about "The Park", so we think we'll stick to that idea.  Perhaps you have been living in a dark cave for the past few years and are wondering "What is the Park?".  Well my friends, its not "What" you should be asking, its "Who".  As you can see by the pictures on the left, there are four of us!  Damon Grant, Jed Hwang, Brad Bone and Justin Bone are the four principle members of the secret brotherhood of The Park.

Read up on our future trips, funny stories, and then check out our profiles and then give the Park Quiz a shot!

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