Stories Short and Long
As I've learned more about writing and improved my style, I realized that two of my favorite stories were stalled. But combining them...
Here are two old stories--Point Blank and CYBER. Feel free to peruse them to catch glimpses of the inspiration for the story you see above, which is much better than either of the original two.
A repository for recent works-in-progress or lighter reading than I usually write. These will vary drastically in scope, intent and subject. I hope you enjoy them.
CAUTION: May contain religion.

This is a story concept developed and written by someone close to me. I'm simply playing the role of editor, mostly because I read way more than her ;-)

Writings and Artwork

   Portfolio Pieces

Here are some of my professional pieces. I'll try to add to them, but I don't do much artwork anymore.

I'm quite a fan of cooking, and will be trying to keep a list of favorite recipes posted here. Please feel welcome to try them as needed!

From time to time, I feel inspired to write something pertaining to church and faith. Here are my attempts to understand and be understood, as well as teach.
CAUTION: Definitely contains religion.

These are mostly assorted pieces that I did using a character generator awhile back. I don't really play around with this anymore, but I kept these few for sentimental value.