Damiano Sandri
Damiano Sandri

Current Position:
- Senior Economist, Brazil desk at the IMF
- Associate Editor of the IMF Economic Review
Education: PhD in Economics,  Johns Hopkins University, 2009
Research Interests: Macroeconomics and International Finance
Email: dsandri"at"imf.org

Work in Progress

"Unconventional Monetary Policies in the Euro Area, Japan and the UK," with G. Dell'Ariccia and P. Rabanal. COMING SOON

"Optimal Reserves in Financially Closed Economies," with O. Jeanne, NBER Working Paper No. 22139. NEW

Journal Articles

"Capital Controls or Macroprudential Regulation?," with A. Korinek, Journal of International Economics, 99(s1): 27-42, 2016.

"Growth and Capital Flows with Risky Entrepreneurship," American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 6(3): 102-123, 2014.

"Financial Crises and Recapitalizations," with F. Valencia, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 45(s2): 59-86, 2013.

"Macro-Hedging for Commodity Exporters," with E. Borensztein and O. Jeanne, Journal of Development Economics, 101: 105-116, 2013. VoxEU

"The Eurozone Crisis: How Banks and Sovereigns Came to be Joined at the Hip," with A. Mody, Economic Policy, 27(70): 199-230, 2012. VoxEU

"Precautionary Savings in the Great Recession," with A. Mody and F. Ohnsorge, IMF Economic Review60(1): 114-138, 2012. VoxEU

"Measuring Distortions to Agricultural Incentives, Revisited," with K. Anderson et al., World Trade Review, 7(4): 675-704, 2008.

"Distortions in Farmer Prices since the 1950s: South Africa in International Perspective," with K. Anderson et al., Agrekon, 46(4): 427-459, 2007.

Policy Papers

"Trade-offs in Bank Resolution," Staff Discussion Note 18/02, February 2018.

"Negative Interest Rate Policies - Initial Experiences and Assessments," IMF Policy Paper for the Executive Board, August 2017.

"Ukraine, Selected Issues: Corruption and Growth," IMF Country Report No.17/84, April 2017.

"Monetary Policy and Financial Stability," IMF Staff Report to the Executive Board, September 2015.

"The Fund's Lending Framework and Sovereign Debt - Further Considerations ," IMF Staff Report to the Executive Board, April 2015.

"How Delaying Fiscal Consolidation Affects the Present Value of GDP," with K. Fletcher, IMF Working Paper No. 15/52, 2015.

"The Fund's Lending Framework and Sovereign Debt - Preliminary Considerations ," IMF Staff Report to the Executive Board, June 2014.

"Credit Supply and Economic Growth," with A. Pescatori, World Economic Outlook, Box 1.1, Spring 2014.

"Debt and Growth: Is There a Magic Threshold?," with A. Pescatori and J. Simon, IMF Working Paper No. 14/34, 2014.

"The Yin and Yang of Capital Flow Management: Balancing Capital Inflows with Capital Outflows," with J. Benes, J. Guajardo and J. Simon, World Economic Outlook, Chapter 4, Fall 2013.

"The Dog that Didn't Bark: Has Inflation Been Muzzled or Was It Just Sleeping?," with T. Matheson and J. Simon, World Economic Outlook, Chapter 3, Spring 2013.

"The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: 100 Years of Dealing with Public Debt Overhangs," with A. Pescatori and J. Simon, World Economic Outlook, Chapter 3, Fall 2012.
"Current Account Rebalancing and Real Exchange Rate Adjustment between the U.S. and Emerging Asia," with I. Mejean and P. Rabanal, IMF Working Paper No. 11/46, 2011.

"U.S. Consumption after the 2008 Crisis," with J. Lee and P. Rabanal, IMF Staff Position Note 10/01, 2010

Book Chapters

"Agricultural Distortion Patterns since the 1950s: What Needs Explaining," with K. Anderson et al., Ch.2 in The Political Economy of Agricultural Price Distortions, 2010, Cambridge University Press

"Distortions to Agricultural Incentives in Ecuador," with E. Valenzuela and S. Wong, Ch.7 in Distortions to Agricultural Incentives in Latin America, 2008, published by the World Bank, Washington DC

"Methodology for Measuring Distortions to Agricultural Incentives," with K. Anderson et al., Appendix A in the Distortions to Agricultural Incentives volumes for Latin America (2008), Europe's Transition Economies (2008), Africa (2009), and Asia (2009), published by the World Bank, Washington DC


American Economic Review, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, Journal of Monetary Economics, Journal of the European Economic Association, Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of International Economics, Journal of Development Economics, Journal of Economic Theory, Quantitative Economics, Economic Journal, Review of Economic Dynamics, IMF Economic Review, Berkeley Electronic Journal of Macroeconomics, Journal of International Money and Finance, Macroeconomic Dynamics, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Financial Stability.

Last updated on February, 2018

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