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This is a growing collection of poems called locuses put to English female names. I understand there are many thousand English female names, counting all spellings and variations, so it will take some time to cover them all with blessings.

If you miss a namefame, please write it yourself! The idea is that all names will be covered by contributions.

Locus is what I call the tetrametric quatrain, either iambic or trochaic, which expresses a moral statement. When a name is served by the locus, I call the poem namefame.

To see what a name means, I suggest you open a new tab in the browser, and in it go to a site on which it is shown what the meaning of names are. Then you can toggle between the two sites. My own source has been

This is a private site. It is made by
Anders Woje Ellingsen,
which is me. I am Norwegian. I call myself Vaccinius. I consider my self to be a priest for Jesus Christ, and I have put up a city on internet, called Trixnix, which this site is a part of. It is the New Jerusalem.

This site is the love of the city Trixnix, intended to be the spear of HRH Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway when she comes of age. I want HRH Princess Ingrid Alexandra to be Christian. At one time she will inherit the throne.

I have myself written 456 namefames. The beginning of the spear might be perceived as to be 123 locuses in Norwegian which I have posted on a blog of mine called Ingrid. Contributions will be the spearhead.

Be judicious when you share a namefame.

To comment on a Google Site, which this is, you must be in Google mode.

I want this site to be known. Please share independent of Trixnix.

Thank You, Lord!