Me, my mother, her mother to Henry Schofield in England

1. Martha Damaris Ring III

    sp: Edwin Nelson Fish

2. Mary Elizabeth Ault (b.1931-South Chicago Heights,Cook,Illinois,USA;m.1949(Div);d.1983)

    sp: Morton Loomis Ring Jr. (b.1927-Georgetown,Washington,District of Columbia,USA;d.1978)

3. Grace Lucille Schofield (b.1903-Marion,Grant,Indiana,USA;m.1928;d.1985)

    sp: Chester Austin Ault (b.1887-Paonia,Delta,Colorado,USA;d.1935)

4. Joseph Wooley Schofield (b.1879-Martins Ferry,Belmont,Ohio,USA;m.1899;d.1927)

    sp: Sarah Delphina Eubank (b.1880-Warren,Huntington,Indiana,USA;d.1964)

5. Joseph Wooley Schofield (b.1836-Staleybridge,Lancashire,England;m.1863;d.1906)

    sp: Anna McVey (b.1840-Markland,Switzerland,Indiana,USA;d.1917)

6. John Schofield (b.-England)

    sp: Martha Wooley (b.-England)

7. Henry Schofield (b.-England)