Me, my father, his mother to Jeremiah Lewis, immigrant ancestor, mostly in Maryland
 1. Martha Damaris Ring III

2. Morton Loomis Ring Jr. (b.1927-Georgetown,Washington,District of Columbia,USA;m.1949(Div);d.1978)

    Mary Elizabeth Ault (b.1931-South Chicago Heights,Cook,Illinois,USA;d.1983)

3. Katherine Virginia Lewis (b.1900-Clarksburg,Montgomery,Maryland,USA;m.1921;d.2000)

    Morton Loomis Ring Sr. (b.1894-Athens,Greene,New York,USA;d.1963)

4. William Wheeler Lewis (b.1861- Washington,Washington,District of Columbia,USA; m.1886;d.1905)

    Henrietta Maria Wheeler (b.1868- ,Harford,Maryland,USA; d.1922)

5. Richard Cronin Lewis (b.1840-SnowHill,Montgomery,Maryland,USA;m.1861;d.1926)

    Mary Ann Cushley (b.1843-Navy Yard,Washington,District of Columbia,USA;d.1935)

6. Arnold Thomas Lewis (b.1813- ,Montgomery,Maryland,USA;m.1834;d.1884)

    Sarah R Watkins (b.1811- ,Montgomery,Maryland,USA;m.1834;d.1857)

7.  Jeremiah Lewis (b.1781- ,Montgomery,Maryland,USA;m.1805;d.1868)

    Mary Windsor (b.1787- , ,Maryland,USA;d.1852)

8.  Jeremiah Lewis (b. - ,Prince Georges,Maryland)

    Jane Fitzgerald (b. 1740;d.1800)

9.  Jeremiah Lewis (b.1703- ,of County Kent,England;d.1783)

    Margaret Edwards (b.1700- , ,of Wales;d.1784)