Personal Profile

Dr Dalu Zhang is a PhD in Economics.

• Self-starting, goal-oriented and multitasking whose confidence, perseverance and vision led to perfect jobs.
• Hardworking and excellent teamworking with a good communication skill and an easy-going personality.
• Great knowledge of macroeconomics especially economic growth and monetary policy.
• Profound understanding of econometric and statistic analysis. Good at modelling and programming.
• Computing Skills:  LaTeX(Advanced), R(Advanced), Matlab(Advanced), GUASS(Fair), STATA(Advanced), STAMP(Basic), E-views(Basic), SPSS(Basic).
• Research interests: Empirical Finance, Financial Econometrics and Applied Econometrics, especially in Time series analysis, Forecasting, Dependence modelling, Copulas, Volatility forecasting, Term structure of interest rates, Monetary policy and Banking regulation.