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Glory to God for His mercy !  The Lord has given me a way to share His word that He has opened in my heart. (new additions Aug 2007)

Thank you for taking the time to share God's Word with me. The Hand of the Lord be upon you. Comments and critique are welcome. There is a blog spot here to post comments in public forum or mail me privately if you wish.

 I hope you are able to increase in your knowledge of our Lord and precious Saviour through the reading and study of Gods Word. Beloved, you are precious in God's sight, do not let any one or anything make you feel lees than the pearl that God purchased with the blood of His only Son.


Understanding The Message (video will be out soon: God is AWESOME!)


About Knowing God


Roman Road Message


Are You Saved ?


Prophecy Points To The Cross


Two Laws


I Have Come For Your Soul


Prophet, Priest, King


Paths To Destruction


Bible Trumps Satan 


How God Measures Success


Paving The Way For Anti-Christ


Built To Last


Magi not at the Manger


Visit from the Mormons  


Rapture : Bible Study


Parable of the 10 virgins


Spiritual Shaking


Hell Was Not For Man 


On 23 Minutes in Hell Testimony


Gods Word is Eternal


Recipe for a Miracle


An Altar God will Accept


Revealing Satans Attacks


Once Saved Keep Saved


Let Jesus Change You




Antichrist Shall Deceive Many


United With Christ At All Costs


David And Bathsheba : United With Christ At All Costs


Infinite Mercy


Who Is Your God?


Forget God ?


This Fiery Trial


The Word Changes The Tide


Live A Separated Life


Shoot The Messanger


Obey The Gospel


No Room At The Inn


Feel free to download or use any of the material you can from this site. It is all set to public use and free download.