Mom was cleaning out my stuff during the move. Found an old paper saved from my rugby days. We played Galveston one Saturday in the late summer of 1987. Here is a picture of me coming off the field at the end of a game that I scored my first try for the Bay Area Rugby Club in a regular side match.

By the way, one of our more colorful folk on the team kinda beefed up my CV for the paper. They listed me as being an ordained minister and a Petroleum Engineer. Close but a bit blown up. I was a licensed minister and had a BS in Geophysicis. But they wanted the pic in the paper, so no one let me know until it was already a done deal. I forgive them.

A face only a mother could love. Or a photographer looking for that typical hockey player look to make the game look rough. Rugby is a pretty tough sport by the way.

From the last page of the Citizen newspaper, serving South Harris and North Galveston counties. Tuesday, September 15 1987.


For the record:

I completed the process of getting my ministers License to preach re-instated.  I am still working for WesternGeco as a Geophysical Training Dept. Senior Instructor.