PDF files I have created that you may download.

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Legal stuff: :-<

The files given here are free (cost and in usage) to some extent. To the best of my knowledge, the text from which these pdfs were created are exact copies of the Bible (KJV). Your downloading of the free file implies that you accept the terms of this notice. 

1)  I am not to be blamed for how the file or its use affects you. (ie please don't sue me)

2) You are not to change any part of God's written word in these texts. (Side notes are ok, highlighting, references ....) 

3) You can link to this page and point people to these files, but if you chose to redistribute them yourself, do not make any reference to me: you take the ownership and need to write your own rules.

I try to make pdf files in tagged format so they may be properly converted to read on a palm device running the free Adobe Acrobat reader you can get off the web.

Here is a pdf of the Bible (KJV) and it is tagged so the adobe converter to palm will take it.       Bible.pdf

We (my family) memorize a chapter or a chapter portion each month, here is the monthly verses, again in tagged pdf.   Monthly_scriptures.pdf

We were asked to bring a message/sermon we have preached to the San Jacinto Section Prayer and Share. This is the one I submitted titled Led Of The Spirit in tagged pdf Led.pdf .  One note, the ref to statue at St Peter's in Rome. All the statues in the place are pointing something to the statue of Jesus. ie all things should point to Christ in our words and our lives. Mike Allard also shared that they were pointing with items they had been martyred with. 

New message I have just added (not tagged) Recipe for a Miracle.

In progress " Which tree are you watering". Should be out by ???.


Parable of the ten virgins notes and roooough draft.