Understanding Local SEO And Improving Your Business

Search engine optimization is becoming more and more important for small businesses. These days it's not just about getting on search engine results pages (SERPs). Smaller businesses need to work on making sure their links and Dallas Web Design are being seen by the right people, and this is where local SEO comes into play. The topic can get a little complicated, but let’s take a look at a few strategies you should focus on.

Setting Up Your Local Business Page

There are three major search engines being used today, and you need to make sure that all three have your business’ information. Each search engine will provide you with a special account that you can create by registering. You’ll need to provide some essential information about your business (i.e. name, address, phone number, business hours, etc.). This is information that can be displayed when an online customer comes across your site on SERPs.

Defining and Optimizing
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When users enter queries into search engines, these search engines have to comb through billions of web pages to find the most relevant content. In order to easily be found you need to correctly define and categorize your business. Most search engines allow businesses to select up to five categories that describe their business and what services they offer. You need to choose at least one of these categories for your business. Most businesses that aren’t categorized don’t get displayed, and picking the wrong categories will make your business difficult to find.

Correctly Citing Your Business

Providing inaccurate information to search engines and to the public is a bad idea. Too many small businesses suffer simply because they’ve provided mismatched names and addresses, and this happens very easily. Let’s say you recently received a new phone number for your business. If this happens, you would need to go to each local place page and change this information, in addition to the phone number on your business’ site. You also want to make sure that business and street names aren’t misspelled. These types of mistakes factor into who sees your business.

Designing Your Site

Lastly, focusing on
Dallas Web Design is very important. Sites that have a very good design, and that are optimized accordingly, tend to get the most attention from the right people. Make sure the right keywords are included within your content. Also make sure you’re only adding high-quality content, because low-quality content can affect the authority of your site.

All of these strategies are significant factors in site visibility. Again, make sure you always provide information that’s accurate and consistent. Also remember to focus on designing a great site that’s useful and attractive. Doing all of these things gives your site and your business a better chance at growing.