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Our constantly expanding services now include cleaning for all flooring surfaces, including wood floors, tile, marble, stone, and concrete. We clean air ducts, upholstery, and fine rugs, provide allergy treatments from mattresses to your whole house, and restoration services for smoke, fire, and water damage. We are proud of numerous awards for quality and service that we have garnered over two generations, making us one of the most recognized service companies in Texas.

http://dallastx-carpetcleaning.com/Solutions for Every Flooring Need From cleaning and repair to the installation of new flooring, we've got you covered. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and certified in a variety of services, not just carpet cleaning. Our vast experience with flooring of all types has made our new flooring sales and service operation a natural extension for what we already do very well. With our beautiful new showroom, we offer a large variety of new flooring for your home or office.

Our cleaning services are second to none. Whether your floors are carpet, hardwood, tile, marble, or concrete, we offer a cleaning service to help you maintain and improve the beauty and luster of your floors. And we clean more than just floors, from upholstered furniture (including leather) to mattresses and anti-allergen treatments for your entire home.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and high levels of customer satisfaction. Our experienced, high-quality technicians have been recognized for superior service many times by the media and consumers. We maintain an A+ Company Ranking with the Better Business Bureau and has received the Super Service Award from Angie's List three years in a row. We are also the proud recipient of the Consumer's Choice Award for Business Excellence for seven years running. We are passionate about clean and healthy homes and we are dedicated to providing service that continues to exceed your expectations.

We are sincerely committed to your satisfaction. If fact, our core business philosophy is centered on quality service and customer satisfaction. All of our work is accompanied by our customer satisfaction guarantee. From carpet cleaning to new flooring installation, we're not satisfied until you are.

Steam cleaning is a gentle method, which starts with a normal cleaning solution that is especially water. The vapor cleaning tools heats up this liquid to very high temperatures and then power deep into the carpet fibers through a specialized nozzle that converts it to steam. To be efficacious, you want to get this cleaning solution down to the backing of the carpet to be able to loosen the deep-set filth found there. The collection of the heat from the vapor and the normal cleaning solution will decrease the sticky properties of the filth and break it free from the effective carpet fibers. This filth and any surplus cleaning solution are both quickly strip from the carpet with a high-powered vacuum system to leave the carpeting clean and fresh. By stratify the cleaning solution as steam and strip it quickly the method assistance avert the harm other cleaning methods can reason that depend on water alone.

Another aspect benefit of having your carpets vapor cleaned is that it will also sanitize your floors as part of the cleaning process. The high temperature of the vapor will immediately neutralize any mold, mildew or microorganism that has gotten a foothold in your carpet or stuffing. This steam not only stops this therapy to your health in their tracks, it also removes any odor they may be reason. The heat from the vapor will instantly kill the microorganism on contact and then eliminate it along with the cleaning solution and filth as part of the vacuuming process.

Use vapor to clean your carpet is the exemplary way to conserve it looking new and lasting longer in your house. Carpet harm can happen in a number of ways and steam cleaning is designed to assistance remove the most common reason of carpet wear. By vapor cleaning carpets on a uniform basis you can not only extend the life of the carpeting, you will also minimize the risk of allergic response to the irritants like mold, microorganism and mites found in most filthy carpets.

The vapor cleaning method is very efficacious at strip filth and eliminating many common spots. If there occur to be an older spots or one that is more tenacious, a pretreatment may be used to assistance resolve the problem. In this situation a slightly more attacker cleaning agent is applied to the carpet to remedy the stain before cleaning the carpet, which is then strip as part of the steam cleaning service. This pre-therapy settling wills assistance to break up the spots and make it easier to strip.

One final thing to remember about vapor cleaning is that it may also assistance to retrieve the normal plush feel to a worn carpet. Over time a carpet can start to look cajole in specific areas from an excess of foot traffic and filth. The gentle cleaning action of vapor followed by a strong vacuuming assistance to retrieve the vertical alignment of the carpet fibers and can help to remove years of wear with a single cleaning. If your carpets are in need of a good cleaning, give us a call, we’ll help them look like new in no time.

Our friendly, professional crew has flexible working hours – Seven Days A Week – just to match your busy lifestyle. From anywhere around San Antonio area, you can call us and get the great service done as you need.