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Gravy--it's what's for dinner.

Fun Stuff

The Onion

A.V. Club

Comics Curmudgeon

McSweeney's Internet Tendency

The Education of Oronte Churm

The Daily Show

Television without Pity

The Devil's Dictionary

Bob and David

Savage Love

Gashlycrumb Tinies and Giant Heads

Upright Citizens Brigade

Improv Olympic


Politics and News

Washington Monthly

The American Prospect

Lawyers, Guns, and Money


The Economist

The New Yorker

The Guardian


NOAA forecasting

Google Maps


Epicurious (online recipe database)



Gravy and Puddin'

Gravy Master

Goats comics: Altered States of Puddin'Pudding HutandSinfest


Homestar Runner


Gravy Train Films

Film Tease

Film Threat


South by Southwest Festival

AFI Fest

Food for thought

Exit Art Magazine

The Seven Vices of Highly Creative People, The Final Irony, and Art of Controversy

Paul Graham, Don Lindsay, and Paul Krugman

Richard Hamming: You and Your Research

Advice compiled by M. Ernst

Urban Legends and Snopes

National Public Radio, This American Life, Rewind, and the Writers Almanac--a bit of a surreal experience

American Civil Liberties Union, Common Cause


Ani Difranco and Utah Phillips

Soul Coughing

Hamell on Trial

Tom Wait's lyrics

John Hiatt


Nina Simone

Mary Black

Iris DeMent


DJ Z-Trip

Martin Sexton

Eddie from Ohio and lyrics

MC Chris, MC Front-a-lot

Jonathan Coulton

Phish! official site and fan site

They Might Be Giants! official site and fansite

Radio Paradise

Lindy hop resources

Windyhop (Chicago)

Lindycafe (Midwest)

Yehoodi (NY and national swing)

Swing Columbus

SwingMonkey (CT)

Gateway Lindyhop (St. Louis)

Colorado Swing Dance Network

Purdue Night Train

HipHop Lindy (CT)

CMU lindy society (Pittsburgh)

Dallas R. Trinkle computational materials science research group in Materials Science and Engineering at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

@DallasTrinkle on twitter

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