Buckner Boulevard SPD

Abridged ordinance for landscaping.
 PD 366 was established by Ordinance No. 21211, passed by the Dallas City Council on February 
26, 1992. Ordinance No. 21211 amended Ordinance No. 19455, Chapter 51A of the Dallas City Code, as 
amended. Subsequently, Ordinance No. 21211 was amended by Ordinance No. 21313, passed by the 
Dallas City Council on June 10, 1992, and Ordinance No. 24159, passed by the Dallas City Council on 
January 12, 2000. (Ord. Nos. 19455; 21211; 21313; 24159; 25164) 

 PD 366 is established on property generally located along both sides of Buckner Boulevard from 
Heinen Drive and Hoyle Avenue on the north to the T. & N.O. Railroad on the south, and along Lake 
June Road between Carbona Drive on the west and  Pleasant Drive on the east. The size of PD 366 is 
approximately 403.35 acres. (Ord. Nos. 21211; 21313; 24159; 25164; 27034)

SEC. 51P-366.110.  LANDSCAPING. 

 (a)  Application. 

    (1) Parkway landscaping provisions shall become applicable to a lot when an 
application is made for a building permit for construction work that increases building height, floor area 
ratio, required parking, or nonpermeable coverage of the lot. 

    (2) Site area landscaping, front yard strip landscaping, screening, and sidewalk 
provisions shall become applicable to a lot when  an application is made  for a building permit for 
construction work that increases either the floor area ratio, building height, or nonpermeable coverage of 
the lot by more than 20 percent. 

    (3) Front yard strip landscaping and screening provisions may be imposed during 
required development impact or residential adjacency review procedures.

 (b)  Parkway landscaping.  One tree at least three and one-half inches in diameter, or two 
trees at least one and one-half inches in diameter must be provided between the street curb and the 
sidewalk per 30 feet of frontage, exclusive of driveways, visibility triangles, and accessways at points of 
ingress and egress. No underground irrigation system is required for parkway landscaping. 

 (c)  Front yard strip landscaping

    (1) The 10-foot-wide strip of land along the entire length of the front yard and 
immediately adjacent to the property line must be landscaped as follows: 

        (A) Twenty percent of the surface must be permeable.    
        (B) Ten percent must be landscaped with trees, shrubs, or a combination of 
trees and shrubs that have the potential to attain a minimum height of 30 inches within a three-year time 
        (C) An underground irrigation system must be provided. 

    (2) Front yard strip landscaping must be approved by the director of the department 
of development services. 

 (d)  Site area landscaping.  The remainder of the lot must be landscaped in accordance with 
the provisions contained in Article X. An underground irrigation system must be provided. 

 (e)  Screening
     (1) A six-foot-high solid screening fence must be provided along all rear and side lot 
lines that are adjacent to residential districts. 

    (2) On-site parking must be screened with: 
          (A) a minimum three-foot-high solid fence, with an 18-inch wide planting 
bed located on its street side; or 
          (B) shrubs with the potential to attain a minimum height of 30 inches within 
a three-year time period. 

    (3) Manufactured building sales lot and vehicle display, sales, and service uses must 
be screened with a minimum two and one-half-foot-high  fence with a screening factor of less than 66 
percent, and an 18-inch-wide planting bed located on its street side. 

 (f)  Sidewalks.  A sidewalk with a minimum width of five feet must be provided in the 12 
foot area parallel to and in back of the projected street curb. 

 (g)  Completion.  All landscaping must be completed in accordance with the provisions 
contained in Article X.

(h)  General maintenance

     (1) Required landscaping must be maintained in a healthy, growing condition at all 
times. The property owner is responsible for regular weeding, mowing of grass, irrigating, fertilizing, 
pruning, and other maintenance of all plantings as needed. Any plant that dies must be replaced with 
another living plant that complies with the approved landscape plan within 90 days after notification by 
the city. 

    (2) Any damage to utility lines resulting from the negligence of the property owner 
or his agents or employees in the installation and maintenance of required landscaping in a utility 
easement is the responsibility of the property owner. If a public utility disturbs a landscaped area in a 
utility easement, it shall make every reasonable effort to preserve the landscaping materials and return 
them to their prior locations after the utility work. If, nonetheless, some plant materials die, it is the 
obligation of the property owner to replace the plant materials. 

 (i)  Points.  For purposes of tabulating the number of points earned toward the minimum 
number required by Article X, 15 points are awarded for parkway landscaping. 
Ten points are awarded for required or voluntary front yard strip landscaping. Five points are awarded for the 
screening of on-site parking. (Ord. Nos. 21211; 25164) 

 (a) The city council hereby grants a private license to each of the abutting property owners of 
property in the Buckner Boulevard Special Purpose  District for the exclusive purpose of authorizing 
compliance with the parkway landscaping requirements of this article. An abutting property owner is not 
required to pay an initial or annual fee for this license, although a fee may be charged for issuance of a 
landscape permit in accordance with Chapter 52 of the Dallas City Code, as amended. This private license 
shall not terminate at the end of any specific time  period, however, the city council retains the right to 
terminate this license whenever in its judgment the purpose or use of this license is inconsistent with the 
public use of the right-of-way or whenever the purpose or use of this license is likely to become a 

 (b) To the extent that the provisions contained in this section conflict with the applicable 
licensing provisions contained in Chapter 43 of the Dallas City Code, the provisions contained in Chapter 
43 are waived. 

 (c) In no event shall the license granted by this section be construed to grant an easement or 
real property interest of any kind to the licensees. (Ord. Nos. 21211; 25164) 

SEC. 51P-366.112.  LANDSCAPE PLAN. 

 (a) A landscape plan must be submitted to and approved by the director of the department of 
development services prior to the installation of landscaping required by this article. 

 (b) Upon the submission of a plan for or including the installation of parkway landscaping, 
the director of the department of development services shall circulate it to all affected city departments 
and all utilities and communication companies for review and comment. If, after receiving comments 
from affected city departments, utilities, and communication companies, the director determines that the 
construction and planting proposed is in compliance with this article, and will not be inconsistent with 
and will not impair the public, utility, or communications company use of the right-of-way, the director 
shall approve the landscape plan; otherwise, the director shall disapprove the plan. 

 (c) A property owner is not required to comply with any parkway landscaping requirement 
of this article if compliance is made impossible due  to the director of the department of development 
services’s disapproval of a plan to install parkway landscaping on the basis that the installation of the 
landscaping will be inconsistent with, or will unreasonably impair the public, utility, or communication 
company use of the right-of-way. 

 (d) The approval of a plan to install parkway landscaping does not excuse the property 
owner, his agents, or employees from liability in the installation or maintenance of trees, landscaping, or 
pavement in the public right-of-way. (Ord. Nos. 21211; 25164)

Parkway Landscaping:
BU permit for - 
1) increase building height
2) increase FAR
3) increase parking
4) increase nonpermeable coverage

Site Area Landscaping
Front Yard Strip
BU permit for -
1) increase FAR
2) increase building height
3) increase nonpermeable coverage by MORE than 20%.

Front Yard strip
MAY be imposed with DIR or RA review.

1 tree @ 3.5", or
2 trees @ 1.5"
bt curb & sidewalk @ 1:30' of frontage.

Front Yard Strip:
10' wide adjacent to the property line in FY.

20% permeable
10% - trees, shrubs, or combination
Underground irrigation

Approved by Director

Site Area: Article X, with underground irrigation.

6' fence on rear and side lot with RA.

On- site parking screening
3' tall fence w 18" bed, or shrubs to 30"/3 yrs.

Manufactured building screening

Sidewalks: min. 5' in 12' area parallel to and in back of proj. curb.

Article X completion

General Maintenance

Private License

Landscape Plan