Dallas Club Rules

Dallas Fortworth Field Hockey Club

Rules and Regulations

The Dallas Fortworth Field Hockey Club is a social club whose primary focus is to provide the opportunity to learn and play field hockey community. This is achieved by   encouraging recreational atmosphere of the club, which allows player to enjoy the game at a less intense but nonetheless competitive level.

Our club consists of players with varying (from beginners to highly advanced) skill levels that include both men and women. Because of the variations in the players, the following rules are meant to encourage friendly game sessions. We are the social group that loves the game of field hockey. Win or lose is immaterial and our aim is to enjoy and play safe.

The rules of hockey apply to all players and officials i.e. to all members of the Dallas Fort worth Field Hockey Club. Our emphasis is placed on safety for everyone involved in the game and each player must act with consideration for the safety of others. Everybody is expected to perform according to the rules. Umpires/committee exercises an important role in controlling the game and ensuring fair play.

Field rules:

1. No hit within the 5 yards of the opponent

2. No scooping within the 5 yards of the opponent.

3. Nobody play or unnecessary roughness during the practice.

Penalties for field rules:

a. 1st offence of the above fouls in a practice offender will get verbal warning from the umpire or will be out for 5 minutes, depending on the severity of the foul.

b. 2nd time offence in the same practice offender will be suspended for that practice.

c. Further offence: because of those above fouls any player can get injured, the offender will be suspended for 4 practices.

Social rules but will be followed strictly:

1. It is a team game and hence, we should play a passing game. Regardless of skill level of the player, the ball should be passed if she or he found freely standing from the opponents.

2. Try being on time. If late, one will get a chance to play only when the game stops for the break.

3. The practice session fee will be taken in advance, first Sunday of every month. The total fee will be $40 per month, which will be used to pay field cost. If a player will be absent for some practice session in the month, this fee will not be reimbursed or passed on to the next month. There is no cost for month for students.  There will also be a club membership fee of $10 per annum. The money from this last fee will be used towards buying cones (for making goals and lines), balls and pennies for the club. The details of the money will be posted on the online club’s Google worksheets. The first three practice sessions will be free for new players to the club.

4. We will try to get together at some place for few minutes after first practice of every month. This will be as a team building exercise.

5. There will be a maximum of two umpires during a practice session. No arguments will be allowed with umpire's decision.

6. Notification to the sender (of the tournament advertisement email) will be required within two weeks, of your decision for playing in a tournament.

7. Avoid speaking in a language that your teammates do not understand. Especially do not use it to talk behind people.

8. Be nice to all the players. Do not discriminate based on age, skill level, gender, ethnicity, country of origin, etc.,

9. These set of rules and regulations can be modified or changed as needed by majority vote of the club members.

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