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Many people would come out of their skin if they read what I am about to type.  So many major agencies completely discount Search Engine Optimization either because they think it is "dead" or because it is so much easier to just "buy traffic" with some sort of pay per click or banner ads.  The reality is that pretty much any SEO can go out and buy ads or partner with someone that can handle tons of paid ad campaigns.  The problem is that all those agencies managing people's PPC can't deliver organic visitors so they continue to tell their clients that SEO is easy and doesn't work anymore.

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So besides SEO, what other forms of digital marketing are the top agencies offering their clients?  There are several other services that pair well with SEO.  Social Media Management is often wrapped up with the Search Engine Optimization campaign so that the content for the client is optimized to assist with the ranking process in addition to being relevant and focusing on building a relationship with customers.  There is so much on a business owners plate these days, from accounting to making sure to post on every single social media platform a couple of times a week, that many people find themselves wondering why it is that they traded in their old 9-5 for more hours even though they are working for themselves.  Every single one of our clients that has handed off their social media management has wished they would have signed up sooner so that they could get those hours back each week.

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Since everything has changed online over the past 24 months, most people simply have no idea what they need to do to actually rank in the search engines.  The first thing is to update content regularly on your different properties (notice how social media management plays in).  Then you have to make sure you re getting links from relevant sources.  Relevance is a key part of the equation now.  So is authority.  It used to be that he with the most links wins but that is no longer the case.  Now it is simply who has the highest quality score based on a secret algorithm that factors in everything from trust, authority, and volume of links; if you actually have everything set up correctly on your website itself, and proper branding across all of you social channels.

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We know, kind of a lot of different properties that we embedded.  The problem it is hard to stop once you get started and this was all a test anyways.  To find out more information about website marketing feel free to dig in to any of the links attached stop by if you are ever in Dallas.  We love visitors.

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