4-H After-school

4-H offers after-school programs for organizations, which work with youth during non-school hours. Organizations can contact the local 4-H and Youth Development Agent to schedule train-the-trainer workshops or meetings.

Yea! 4-H
fosters life-skill development in children using research-based, experiential learning and exposes youth to a broad band of projects and activities. The curriculum is organized into units, each with a minimum of five lessons and is written in a "say" and "do" format. Handouts and support materials are also provided for each subject. There are over 100 lessons on a wide variety of topics such as earth science, character education, leadership, healthy lifestyle, and much much more! Yeah 4-H also includes bonus newsletters for parents.

Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program
is directed toward low-income youth ages 6-12. These students participate in a series of fun and educational lessons on good nutrition and food safety. For more information on this program contact the local EFNEP Agent or go to http://efnep.tamu.edu.
After-school community partners can also use any of the school and community enrichment curriculum with their youth. 4-H does require a minimum of 5 participants per program and for the completion of curriculum evaluations. To see a more in depth list of learning opportunities click on School and Community Enrichment.