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Biggest backgammon board in the world seen by millions of people arriving at London Gatwick Airport



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Player International, the event organisers of the first Million Dollar Backgammon Tournament in the Bahamas January 21 – January 25th commissioned to create the worlds’ biggest backgammon board.

The formation was created on the incoming flightpath at Gatwick Airport and is being seen until the end of July by millions of incoming passengers of flights from around the world.

The backgammon board seen from the path of a landing plane

The board game formation, over 100,000 square feet in size is currently being reviewed by the Guinness Book of Records to see if the world record has been broken.

To celebrate the creation of the worlds biggest ever backgammon event in history the project took 6 people over 4 days to produce and over 4,000 litres of paint.

Commenting on the amazing feat, Stephen Pearson, Managing Director of Player International Ltd comments “This project is designed to promote the game of backgammon which is set to explode as has poker with the worlds first Million Dollar Event. If we break a world record it will be a superb achievement”

The formation at Gatwick remains in place until the end of July and is an eye opening experience for travellers.

Mr Alain Marionette, recently arriving to Gatwick said, “I am an avid backgammon player and when I saw the painting in the field I was delighted to see backgammon promoted in such a stylish fashion”!

Reprinted from Backgammon Online