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    Dallas AIChE March Meeting Announcement

    posted Mar 8, 2010, 3:51 PM by Nancy Garnett

    Dallas AIChE – March Meeting Announcement 

    Tuesday March 23th, 2010


    TIME:              6:00 PM Officer / Director’s Meeting

                            6:30 PM Social Hour (Bring your business cards)

                            7:00 PM Dinner

                            8:00 PM Presentation


    PLACE:          Two Guys From Italy Restaurant

                                        (West side of Webb Chapel Rd, South of Forest Lane)

                                        11637 Webb Chapel Rd.

                                        Dallas, TX 75229


     COST:             Cost of meal (typically $8-15)


    RSVP by email to Shannon Kramer at Skramer@bcd.tamhsc.edu.  If by phone, please call Nancy Garnett at 972-647-3414.


    SPEAKER:      Marvin Gearhart, Gearhart Companies  


    TOPIC:            Horizontal Drilling Technology in Barnett Shale – 1 hour CEUs



    Marvin Gearhart and Harrold Owen founded the Gearhart-Owen Oil Well Services Company in 1955 in Fort Worth, Texas. The first year, their activities were mostly in Corsicana, Texas, Oil City, Louisiana and Southeastern Kansas. The company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange as Gearhart-Owen Inc. on October 5, 1974 and annual sales were over $20 million. By 1984 and at the peak of the oil-drilling boom, sales were over $600 million and the company had more than 12,000 employees in 27 countries. About half of those employees worked in Tarrant and Johnson County Texas.  After the mid eighties collapse of the drilling industry, the company was merged with the Halliburton Company. In 1988 Marvin moved on to start Rock Bit International at the age of 61. That company was sold to a venture capital group in 2005 when the price of oil was $35 per barrel. Also, at that time it began to be recognized that the Barnett Shale Drilling boom was being driven by new technology. Horizontal drilling and new stage fracturing technology resulted in much better wells along with oil prices around $100 per barrel resulted in a rapid payout of these wells. As a result, rig activity continues to grow in this area resulting in a still greater demand for services and qualified people for the industry. 

    At this time, Marvin has started a new company specializing in directional drilling tools and services needed for drilling and competing wells such as in the Barnett Shale. The company is located at 8805 Forum Way in Fort Worth and is called Gearhart Companies. 

    Marvin became a member of the Legion of Honor of the Society of Petroleum Engineers in 2000. He also was made an “honorary member” of the Society of Professional Well Log Analysts in 1986. He served as President of The Fort Worth Wildcatters in 1983. He served as a distinguished lecturer on measurement-while-drilling services in 1982.  Honorary awards include Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce-Texas Wesleyan College Businessman of the Year award in 1982.

    From 1968 until 2005 he was an active member of the Board of Trustees of Texas Christian University and presently serves as an emeritus trustee. He has also been involved as an advisory director of the Institute of Energy recently established at TCU for the purpose of training personnel in the new technologies needed in the industry.

    NEXT MEETING anticipated on April 27th – speaker pending. 


     MINUTES from February Meeting Attached:

     American Institute of Chemical Engineers
    Dallas Section

    Regular Meeting Minutes
    Prepared by José Ramiro Rodríguez
    February 24, 2009

    Meeting Info:

    Date:       February 23, 2010

    Time:      6:00 to 9:00 PM

    Place:      Two Guys from Italy Restaurant
    11637 Webb Chapel Rd.
    Dallas, TX 75229


    Name:                                                               Position:          Phone:                    e-mail:
    Keith Miller, PE                                              Chair                 214-206-2711        
    Nancy Garnett, PE                                          Vice Chair        972-647-3414         ngarnett@txi.com
    José Ramiro Rodríguez Perazza, PE             Secretary         940-725-0493         jrodriguezperazz@aol.com
    Fred Eisen, PE                                                 Director                                            thefeisens@earthlink.com
    Bob Short, PE                                                 Director            972-820-7450         blshort@verizon.net
    Derek White-Stevens, PE                             Director            972-235-1958         dwhite-stevens@appliedConsultants.com
    Neal Abernathy                                              Director                                            NealAber@aol.com
    Ken Konvicka, PE                                          Member
    Walter Chad                                                    Member                                          
    Karl Gutzke                                                      Member                                           Gutzke@sbcglobal.net
    Evelyn Gutzke                                                 Guest
    Daniel U                                                           Member                                          
    Jerry Gump, PE                                               Member                                           jerryg1995-1999@yahoo.com

    Don Abrahamson                                          Treasurer         972-443-4942         donald.abrahamson@celanese.com

    Officers and Directors Meeting

    The Chair called the meeting to order at 6:05 PM. Present at the moment were the Chair, the Vice Chair, the Secretary and two Directors (Eisen and Abernathy). Others joined the group within a few minutes.

    Upon excusing the Treasurer, who was ill, the chair presented the Treasurer’s report. He indicated the Treasurer recently received a check from National for our Section’s dues for the amount of $980.00. The balance in our checking account is now slightly over $9,800.00. The bills for the posters and plaque from the Texas Society of Professional Engineers (TSPE} Luncheon on February 16th have not yet been received. The Treasurer’s repost was unanimously approved upon motion by Fred Eisen, seconded by Bob Short.

    The Chair summarized the minutes of the previous meeting, copies of which had been distributed by the Secretary. The minutes were approved unanimously upon motion by Bob Short and second by Fred Eisen.

    Director Eisen requested a copy of the latest contact list for the Section Officers. The list is included at the end of these minutes.

    Upon no further business the Meeting was adjourned.

    Section Meeting

    The Chair presented the Treasurer’s, report to the membership. He indicated that the exact amount in the checking account was $9,809.90 after receipt of a check from National for our Section’s dues for $980.00. Also informed that we have yet not been billed for the posters and the plaque at the Texas Society of TSPE Awards Banquet on February 16. At this luncheon our Treasurer, Don Abramson, was honored as the Chemical Engineer of the year.

    The Treasurer’s Report was approved upon motion duly processed.

    The Chair indicated that today’s speaker would be Derek White-Stevens. The subject would be Oil Refining.

    Director Eisen made a short presentation of the Engineer’s Week Luncheon held on February 16th  and passed around the program that was distributed at the event. The report was approved by the Section.

    The Minutes of the January 26 meeting were summarized by the Chair. He indicated that last month’s presentation was by Dr. Elliott Short from Raytheon. The Minutes were approved upon the corresponding motion and seconding.

    Engr. Gutzke asked about the possibility of establishing a scholarship for chemical engineering students. The Vice Chair explained that at the present time the section does not have the funds necessary for this activity. This would require fundraising activities that are presently beyond the capabilities of the Section. The subject could be taken up in the future upon a build up in the Section funds and an improvement in the economy. Banquets and seminars could be sponsored as fundraisers.

    Upon no further business the meeting was adjourned.


    Speaker: Derek White Stevens, P.E.

    Topic: Oil Refining – 1 hour CEUs


    Derek White-Stevens has over 40 years of domestic and international experience in process design, process engineering support, technical services, and construction oversight for new and existing facilities in oil and gas refining, producing, pipelining, and petrochemical processing industries. He is currently working with Applied Consultants, Inc. His previous experience includes 7 years with Valero Energy Corporation and 9 years with ARCO International Oil & Gas.

    Derek earned a B.S. Chemical Engineering from the University of Rochester, Rochester, NY and completed some graduate studies at Temple University, University of Houston, and MIT. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in Texas.  He is a member of AIChE, ASME and is a registered Nuclear Analyst.

    Description of presentation:

    The Vice Chair made a short introduction summarizing the speaker’s qualifications. She then circulated his extensive résumé in the audience.

    Engr. White-Stevens presented a comprehensive summary of the processes involved in oil refining. He presented typical crude compositions, and the general process of cracking and separation, as well as the concept of flexible distillation cuts to adjust the production of different fuels based on their respective supply/demand economic factors that affect the performance of refineries.

    He explained oil refining in the context of the production of fuels of different grades. Went on to describe the different methods used to increase the octane rating of gasoline: isomerization, reforming, and alkylation. These chemical processes were developed to add multi-branched, cyclic, & aromatic components to the hydrocarbons to make-up for the removal of lead from the fuels.

    Energy recovery and efficiency, environmental protection and sulfur removal are important aspects of the industry. The disposal of sulfur has become difficult, as production has for a long time exceeded demand, and millions of tons of elemental sulfur are being stockpiled throughout the world.

    Engr. White-Stevens offered a copy of his Power Point presentation to any one interested.

    The presentation ended with a questions and answers period.

    Vice Chair Garnett presented a token of appreciation to Engr. White-Stevens.


    Dallas AIChE Section Officers

    Chair:  Keith Miller, P.E.

    Employer:  Atmos Energy Corporation

    e-mail:  keith.miller@atmosenergy.com

    Office Phone:  214-206-2711

    Vice Chair:  Nancy Garnett, P.E.

    Employer:  TXI Operations, LP

    e-mail:  ngarnett@txi.com

    Office Phone:  972-647-3414

    Treasurer: Don Abrahamson

    Employer: Celanese

    email: donald.abrahamson@celanese.com

    Office Phone:  972-443-4942

    Secretary:  José Ramiro Rodríguez Perazza, P.E.

    e-mail: jrodriguezperazz@aol.com

    Office Phone: 940-725-0493

    Director: M.W. (Neal) Abernathy, P.E.

    Employer: Cosden Engineering & Consulting

    e-mail: NealAber@aol.com

    Director: Fred Eisen, P.E.

    Employer: Applied Consultants

    e-mail: thefeisens@earthlink.net

    Director: James Meier, P.E.

    Employer:  Pioneer Natural Resources

    e-mail: james.meier@pxd.com

    Office Phone: 972-969-3930

    Director: Bobby Short, P.E.

    Employer: Retired

    e-mail: blshort@verizon.net

    Phone: 972-820-7456

    Director: Derek White-Stevens, P.E.

    Employer: Applied Consultants

    e-mail: dwhite-stevens@appliedconsultants.com

    Office Phone: 972-235-1958 x208