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    AIChE - Dallas Chapter - April 2011

    posted Apr 12, 2011, 2:16 PM by Nancy Garnett   [ updated Apr 24, 2011, 12:00 AM ]

    Dallas AICHE – April 2011 Meeting Announcement  

    DATE:            Tuesday April 26, 2011


    TIME:            6:00 PM Officer / Directors’ Meeting
                            6:30 PM Social Hour (Bring your business cards)
                            7:00 PM Dinner
                            8:00 PM Presentation


    PLACE:          Two Guys From Italy Restaurant http://www.twoguysfromitalyrestaurant.com/ 
                            11637 Webb Chapel Rd.
                            (West side of Webb Chapel Rd, South of Forest Lane)
                            Dallas, TX 75229


                            COST:            Cost of your meal (typically $8-15)

    RSVP by email to Shannon Kramer at Skramer@bcd.tamhsc.edu. If by phone, please call J. R. Rodriguez at 940-725-0493.


    SPEAKER:     Derek White-Stevens, P.E., Ken Konvicka, P.E.


    TOPIC:           What Went Wrong?  Several Personally Witnessed Fatal and Near-Fatal Accidents In the Processing Industry1 hour CEU
    What’s in it for me?
              I will improve my safety awareness by hearing about actual incidents and their analysis by
                an industry expert.


                          I will increase my personal knowledge base, a very valuable asset in professional


                                       I will meet engineering professionals with interests similar to mine


                                       I will establish meaningful networking contacts


    Biography of Derek White-Stevens:


    Derek White-Stevens has over 40 years of domestic and international experience in process design, process engineering support, technical services, and construction oversight for new and existing facilities in oil and gas refining, producing, pipelining, and petrochemical processing industries. He is currently working with Applied Consultants, Inc. His previous experience includes 7 years with Valero Energy Corporation, 21 years with ARCO International Oil & Gas, and several more years with Shell and Santles.

    Derek earned a B.S. Chemical Engineering from the University of Rochester, Rochester, NY and completed some graduate studies at Temple University, University of Houston, and MIT.  He is a Registered Professional Engineer in Texas.  He is a member of AIChE, ASME and is a registered Nuclear Analyst.

    Derek comes from a well-educated family (His father was a biochemist who worked at American Cyanamid, then was a Director of Rutgers University environmental science department.  One brother is a physicist and the other is a biochemist.)  Derek and Shirley have three sons and 4 grandchildren (2 in Denton and 2 in Australia).

    Derek’s Contact Information:


    Derek White-Stevens, P.E.

    Principal Process Consultant

    Applied Consultants, Inc.

    1221 Abrams Rd., Suite 225

    Richardson, Texas 75081



    Bus:        (972) 235-1958 ext. 208

    Fax:        (972) 235-9010


    Ken Konvicka, P.E.:


    Ken began his career with Dow Chemical where he worked in the production of chlorine and hydrogen gas. His experience includes Chief Chemical Engineer for the Sun Production Company Production Service Lab. He was assigned to eliminate produced fluid separation problems, both onshore and offshore, including FPSO, surface facilities, and drilling operations. Ken has designed novel processes for vapor recovery, produced fluids separation, emulsion breaking, returned drilling fluids, and water treatment systems. Also, he has evaluated a variety of in-place operations, including coalescers, flotation, filtration, ion exchange, vapor-liquid separators at more than 125 facilities. His work includes providing chemical engineering support to drilling, corrosion, cathodic protection, measurement and gas engineering departments. Ken is also an experienced forensic chemical investigator for the causes of fire incidents of vehicles and structures. He provides technical assistance to attorneys in personal injury cases. He is a certified radiation safety officer. Ken holds a B.S., Chemical Engineering (1972) from the University of Texas.


    Ken’s Contact Information:


    Ken Konvicka, P.E.

    Senior Consultant

    Applied Consultants, Inc.

    1221 Abrams Rd., Suite 225

    Richardson, Texas 75081


    E-mail:    KKonvicka@appliedconsultants.com