Dallaine Ranch – Responsibly Raised Beef

Dallas Kerr & Laine Cotton (with Bart and Timme)

16569 Quick East Rd
Telkwa, BC  V0J 2X2

Proudly Canadian Beef!
Our Commitment to Quality
Dallaine Ranch is a small family ranch nestled in the Bulkley Valley of northwest British Columbia.  Dallas was born and raised here and is a third-generation cattleman; Laine  migrated from the Big City and has taken to ranch life with enthusiasm.  We have traditionally raised straight Herefords, but have started mixing in some Red Angus for good measure.  Our cattle are grass-fed and hormone-free.  We use calm, low-stress handling techniques which result in healthier, easy to handle animals.
We are committed to raising quality beef cattle in a responsible manner.  We are a member of Verified Beef Production, which is a national program requiring safe and humane handling procedures and detailed livestock records.  We also have an Environmental Farm Plan in place.  We grow our own forage using zero-till methods to create less environmental impact and consume fewer fossil fuels than traditional methods.  We make use of natural pasture lands in our area.
Currently on the ranch:  Calving!